On the Issues


I support strong K-12 public education and fight to ensure access to higher education to folks from all backgrounds. Education is the great equalizer and schools have to be funded properly and evenly. I will work to make sure that public schools are well kept, fully funded, and well resourced across the board to ensure that equal access is given to people of all backgrounds.



I will work to create jobs in Northeast Lincoln, by promoting manufacturing, technology, and agricultural businesses to make our community competitive in a global economy. I will work to ensure these jobs pay a living wage and that we provide skilled labor training to fit the jobs we are trying to create.


I will promote public safety by reducing crime through youth education and employment, mental health services, and investing in violence prevention programs. Public safety also includes access to affordable housing, mental health, after-school programs, and other community resources that are proven to reduce crime rates and we need to invest in these programs to address the root causes of crime. Additionally, I will advocate for investments in fire and rescue, as lower response times save lives and reduce loss of property. 


I’m committed to fighting for fair and equal access to high-quality, affordable health care, and insurance coverage. This means protecting access to reproductive healthcare, including IVF, contraception, and abortions. More access to affordable healthcare and prescription drugs means better health outcomes and healthier, stronger communities. We can also enact common-sense policies, like capping the price of insulin, which other states have done.


Property taxes are an issue, especially with the market driving up the price and valuations of homes. I’m concerned families will have trouble paying the bills. To lower property taxes, we need to lower our reliance on property taxes. The majority of our property taxes goes to pay for schools, which means the state needs to pay their fair share to public schools. Nebraska currently ranks 49th in state aid to public schools. Nebraska can and must do better. 


We need to make sure that our water and air in Nebraska remain clean and safe for our communities. This past year in Mead, Nebraska we saw a real-life example of what can happen when we don’t. The contamination from Mead was seeping into the Platte River, where Lincoln’s water supply comes from. I will work to make sure that our communities are safe from this sort of contamination and have clean air and water.


Access to parks, pools, and libraries is a benefit to families. Investments like these keep kids busy and out of trouble, raise the overall quality of life, and serve as a recruitment and retention tool for our state. For Nebraska to thrive economically, families need to feel welcome and want to be here.


I will work across party lines to get things done for Northeast Lincoln and Nebraska. We can see the mess in Washington. Nebraska’s nonpartisan unicameral allows us to set aside partisanship and get good common-sense things done for Nebraskans. I am committed to maintaining the nonpartisan nature of our unicameral.